I think you should bring Ahmet here.

You can rest.

Wasn't it awful?

My problems are very similar to yours.

We are twins. People often mistake me for my brother.

There are few houses around here.

His appearance animated the party.

You broke your promise.

He believed her assertion to be simply impossible and assented to the proposal.

His work leaves nothing to be desired.

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There is every sign of rain.

How successful were they?

People speak so much about the need for leaving a better planet for our children, and forget the urgency of leaving better children for our planet.

You're too idealistic.

I think we should go with you.

No one has the right to tell me how I can spend my own money.

When did you first suspect it was Adrian who stole your money?

You're the strong one.

Sally got out of the car to open the gate.

They're quiet.

If there was no air, man could not live for even ten minutes.


That guy annoys me.


Everybody here seems to know you.

Don't arouse him from his sleep!

The leader dismissed the demonstrators in the park.


You're a great-looking guy.

I didn't know how to speak French very well.

You all are going to behave yourselves, I swear to fucking God!

As their language had no written form, the natives expressed deeds and events in carvings.

Alvin doesn't want to drink anything else.

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Maybe you need to be reminded how dangerous Christophe is.

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I'll go tell him we're ready.

Who do you want to talk to?

Suu wasn't paying attention.

Do you want me to paint you?

I won't put you on the spot.


This book tells that life is hopeful.

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He made a hole big enough to put inside a chart-load of pebbles

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Where has she bought these books?

What a great country!

How will you be paying for that?


Do you want me to come back?

I've always wanted to play an instrument.

I'm afraid I can't talk about that.

Hsi has a point.

Did Ning say why he was fired?


I met her by chance at a restaurant yesterday.


Why didn't you just tell me that you weren't planning to come?

He isn't good enough for her.

Nate wouldn't tell Kathy what his telephone number was.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

It may be advantageous to me to proceed in this way.

I need a keyboard to be funny.

This is a nice place, but i don't want to live here.

Cliff's family was also there.

I want to help her.

She borrowed a book from him many years ago and hasn't returned it yet.

I had a single parent upbringing.


I just lost my best friend in a traffic accident.


She made out the application for admission.

I have a lot of friends to help me.

They're waiting outside.

Some people want to amend the constitution.

Why did Srinivas and Jos break up?

The little Maria likes to draw pictures with crayons.

Ruth is about three years older than Connie.

I'm sociable.

Perry struggled to keep his composure.

He had reckoned without his host.

I have to admit I'm a little anxious.

Kid! Can't you hear? Hand him the hammer and hold the nail!

A couple of these ought to put me to sleep.

Greg and Fred seem happy.

Since the bus was late, we had to wait in the rain a long time.

Yesterday I finished studying Esperanto on Duolingo.

The rudder at the back of the plane moves left and right to control the left or right movement of the plane.

We're all alone here.

Damn, that sucks!


Why don't you correct him?

Skiing is a great enjoyment to me.

Would you show us some samples of your work?

He carries on a small business in Osaka.

The kidnappers tied Chet's hands behind his back.

I can't bear it any longer.

In the patient's body the pulse began beating again.


Who was your date?

You're one of the people in this picture.

Thanks again for everything.


I hope I'll never have that problem again.

This is the house I live in.

Do you like juice?

Do you have a house on your own?

When her neighbors were sick, she asked doctors to give them medical supplies.


Valerie was charming.

The perfume of roses filled the room.

Lynn is quite affectionate.


It's dark outside.

I saw your name and posts in an English forum and took the liberty of reading your profile.

There's something I haven't told you.

I used it when I was in China last summer.

Randy is afraid to go out at night.


Dan put the bird back in its cage.

You can sleep late tomorrow morning.

I only wish to speak with you calmly.

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You're getting worse.

We've got to get them presents.

I've got something I want you to try.

I appreciate the advice.

I'm glad I never gave up hope.

I'll never forget what Kimmo told me that day.

I'm certain that if you work hard you will succeed.

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Po sat between Glen and John.

Merton plans to go there by himself.

I've been there before.


He snapped his fingers.

It wasn't much of a view.

It's already eleven o'clock. I must be leaving now.

Drugs are a cancer of modern society.

He vowed to give up smoking.

They are cousins by blood.

Clearly, he's guilty.


Which way is out?

There is a one-year guarantee on this toaster.

The way he talks and acts, you can tell he's a redneck.

That was what Sergeant told Juan.

I know Gretchen will hate me for this.

I was saved as if by a miracle.

Why does Jerome hate Ron?

I am suspicious that this is an illegal taxi.

I got tired of waiting for Val, so I went on home.

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Jacob started up the car.

Clear the sidewalk of the bicycles.

The value of the dollar declines as the rate of inflation rises.

He'll be here very soon.

Tammy came to school very late today.

Would you mind watching my things while I go for a swim?

He made a box yesterday.

Juggling is another thing I'm not very good at.

Nobody would want to hurt Butler.

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She was transferred from the head office to a branch office last month.


I must find my key.


A baby camel is younger than a young camel.

There were many children in the square.

Myron is a freak of nature.

I had him wash the car.

Ami can speak French almost like a native.

I wonder if Elisabeth's ever going to succeed.

You should be terrified.

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It's not a toy!

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He is sure to make it in the next exam.

Which platform does the train for Boston leave from?

I will visit Kyoto.

The grammar of Esperanto is very simple.

I think what you want is to be alone.


Vicky, are you in there?

Stanislaw loves everything you do.

Put on your blinker.

All containing news of his concerts and various activities.

In order to make this cake you need baking powder and unsalted butter.


Andy is Shutoku's only son.

Keep something for a rainy day.

Come on, it'll be all right.

He's always late to class.

Strong as an ox.

She shook her head and said nothing.

I want Ernie to lose.

The doors wouldn't open, so I had to get in through the trunk.

I thought that I should succeed.